Our Story


Fish Matt Ross was only five when his parents moved their three young children from New York City to a small town in coastal Rhode Island. As young men, both Matt and his brother Larry saw the benefits of living near the water, fishing was the primary industry and it was thriving. A good fisherman could make a substantial sum if he was blessed with a little luck, favorable weather conditions and a reliable boat. And the fish brokers—the wholesalers and dealers—were doing even better, moving tons of fish to major cities throughout the United States.

The two brothers took their New York instincts and put them to work—one on land and one on water. The Ross boys learned the fishing business from the bottom up. Matt spent his summer vacations working a forklift, icing and packing fish to be shipped to wholesalers, while Larry took a job as a mate on a boat, soon becoming a successful commercial fisherman. Matt quickly distinguished himself—he was industrious and personable, and his street smarts and intelligence, combined with his work ethic, produced results for his employers.


FishWhile studying at the University of Chicago, Matt spent his summers working as a tuna buyer on the docks of the Atlantic, from Cape Cod to Canada. Meanwhile, Matt felt the pull of the financial industry, where he could exercise his business acumen in a larger arena. Matt moved up quickly, working at both Lehman Brothers and at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, trading equities. Soon he found himself at a crossroads, having been offered a coveted seat on the Options Exchange; but the choice wasn't clear.

"I grew up on the water," Matt says. "And here I was, wearing a suit, working in a windowless room, full of noise. It was a quality of life issue." His work in the fish business had taken him to some of the most unspoiled and beautiful places on earth. "I wanted to be among people, to see more of the world." Matt accepted a job as a buyer for another Japanese tuna company. In 2000, encouraged by his success and the support of his colleague, Peter Swim, of Island Marine Products, Nova Scotia, Matt Ross founded Chubby Fish.

Today, Chubby Fish is the world's largest exporter of Canadian Bluefin and does more than $6,000,000 in annual sales. We sell our products to major wholesalers, high-end retailers and four-star restaurants in cities throughout North America that deal in luxury food products.

We look forward to doing business with you.