What Sets Us Apart:

Our business is built on strong relationships and fat tuna.


We believe that good relationships are the foundation of good business. We stand by our products. Each fish is evaluated by one of our experts—we don't buy fish without examining them first. Our fish are thoroughly inspected by hand and graded before we purchase them, so we can accurately determine what a fish is worth.

We are skilled at matching our fish to our customers. Our success is a result of providing our customers with a superior product, and delivering it with fast and efficient service.


Whether traveling locally or overseas with one fish or many, our job is to makes sure your fish reaches its destination in the best possible condition. Our shippers and handlers have the same standards we do: their focus is on getting your fish to you, carefully monitoring every decision to ensure its safe and timely arrival at your door. We are committed to the highest standards both in the products we offer and the service we provide our customers.